Sunday, 9 July 2017

Here We Go Again.

Yes it’s been 27 years since the last Public Inquiry into the future of the A27 that carves its way through our residential area, one of the most densely populated in Southern England. On that occasion due to the public uproar, and after 10’s of millions of taxpayers pounds had been spent, the crazy scheme was thrown out.
Then yesterday many households received a letter similar to the below
So it looks as though we are going to go through the same procedure as in the 1990’s (We have also had similar episodes’ in the 50’s. and 70’s) but this time something might actually happen. However before anyone starts to think of bypasses forget it, the budget for any work has been put at between £50 and £100 million – a decent bypass would be in the region of £2.5 billion.

So what might we expect to see at the various exhibitions? Well from what has been reported out from the Stakeholder meetings that have been taking place over the last few years. The plan is to increase the capacity of the existing A27 between the start of the single carriageway at Cote Street Worthing to just east of the Manor Roundabout at Lancing.
Clearly everyone will have to visit the exhibition to find out how exactly how this is to be achieved but what we do know from those meetings selective dualling / widening, signal and roundabout improvements were on the shortlist.
However what is certain, in our opinion, if the capacity of the road is increased history and the M25 has taught us more traffic will fill the extra space created. More traffic and what do you get. Oh yes more pollution of every kind, such as exhaust, noise and the latest fine particles from tyres and brake and clutch linings.

Please do go to the exhibitions and see for yourself. We will try and keep this blog updated as more details arrive so please let your friends know what is going on.
Our Community Deserves Only The Best.