Sunday, 23 July 2017

A flop or a masterpiece in road design?

So at last after Highways England’s stop start announcements over the last year on just when they would unveil their plans for the Worthing to Lancing section of the A27, all was revealed Wednesday, 20 July.

To say it was greeted with great applause would be a long way from the truth, not because it was an anticlimax but more because it was confusing.

For years its been known the traffic signals at three traffic hotspots are at best unreliable and at worse cause the gridlock, so what have the designers of the latest scheme done –  oh yes decided to add 4 or is it 5 more sets of signals.

The uncertainty on just what is on offer, is due to the poor illustrations and write up of the option plan – yes there’s only one option for the road, take it or leave it.

Then there is the confusion over the removal of right turns off the A27 and down Sompting Road. Welcome news for residents’ who live along that road, bad news for HGV’s wanting to get to the Industrial areas off Dominion road etc.

Use the A24 through Broadwater then Sompting Ave was the suggestion from the hovering eh consultant being helpful, but couldn’t tell just how many HGV’s that would be. Stand by the smog masks Cricketers’ Parade and the other shops.

We could go on and on about the failings of the consultants’ who have designed this master piece. But a final example.

There are some 120 families as well as businesses that are on the south side of the A27 between the Airport lights and the Manor roundabout. The plan is to remove the roundabout that enables those folk – as well as those who use Grinstead lane – to access the eastbound A27 carriageway.

To get to that eastbound route drive westward from the removed roundabout for about a mile to the new junction at Hill Barn, then up Halewick lane onto Meadowview road then Manor road etc until you eventually get to a new junction party built within Manor Park – nearly opposite from where you set off from 3 miles or so ago. Isn’t that Brilliant?

For those who want help filling in the Highways England questionnaire see: