Saturday, 13 May 2017

Decisions decisions.

Reports suggest the main Political Party’s will publish their General Election Manifestoes in the week starting May 15 and most likely shortly after, the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates leaflets will pop through our letterboxes.
There will of course be the usual back slapping from the incumbents on the wonderful job their Governments between 2010-17 has done, with the usual promises that – well you know what I mean.
Yet apart from securing the future of a free at the point of use NHS, an education system that provides us with well educated youngsters and worry free twilight years for our elderly folk that most of us want, we would also like to know how we are going to travel about this congested area in the years to come.
Yet despite the seriousness of the problem my money is on a deafly silence from the prospective parliamentary candidates on this decades old A27 saga.
Clearly we are going to have to wait for the long promised Highways England consultation on the road, now expected sometime in the summer, together with a privately funded report on an Alternative Transport Strategy for the Sussex Coast’. Of the two it's the later that might provide a glimmer of hope we all want.
Mind you if anyone is expecting an early settlement forget it. With so many different suggestions by residents' on what to do about the road, a scheme that fits all will be difficult find. There is then the knowledgeable local groups who are well versed in all things A27 they also have well thought out plans, often controversial.
So in the end it could be an MP local to the area and who is on the side of worried local residents’ that will ensure the correct decision is made – So Vote Wisely.