Saturday, 6 February 2016

What is it with us Brits that we refuse to believe that another country has found a better way to solve a problem that we now have? And secondly why is it when we can see a problem developing we ignore it until all Hell breaks loose.
I’m of course only taking about the possibility of many families loosing their homes should the A27 through Worthing be given a make-over to multi lane dual carriageway standard, so one could expect apathy and a lot of switching of TV channels to catch the latest soap. Well people you haven’t got much time to dig your head out of the sand.
Why! Well let me tell you. You see there’s a government document called in it you will find governments vision for the road network through to 2040. But more importantly for Worthing is the first Road Period, as it’s called, and that’s from 2015/16 to 2019/20.                           
It is during this period we could see major road building from the West of Chichester to east of Lancing – and that could be to Expressway standard in part. See:
Here at A27 Alarm we have joined together with 6 other residents’ groups to be involved directly NOW in the decision making process so as to ensure residents of communities along and off the A27 are not steamrollered into accepting something that will ruin their lives.

You can help along your section of the road by contacting and we’ll put you in touch with the correct person there.