Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Not So Small Print

For those following the Facebook group ‘Future of the A27’ you will have seen the comments regarding the Options that were out for consultation on Arundel and the recommendation for approval of 5A by the various councils involved. But I wonder just how closely people have studied the data Highways England (HE) and their consultants’ have produced.
For instance, the glee by some that 5A will solve Arundel’s grief is not borne out by the traffic data. Yes there will be a temporary reduction in traffic along the route that presently goes through part of Arundel town. However those who took the trouble to look at the consultation brochure would have seen on page 24 the traffic flow by 2041 is expected to be 38,200, and that is only 800 vehicles short of the 5A by-pass design capacity. See:
Deeper study of traffic data confirms traffic flow at present on the A27 between Fontwell and the Arundel A284 roundabout is already over 27000 and if capacity improvement schemes at Chichester and Worthing were now in place the figure of 35000 would be most likely.
The report presented by WSCC Officers to the Environmental and Community Services Select Committee in September was concerned that the piecemeal approach of designing each of the A27 scheme in isolation to each other, might not pick up the pent-up traffic demand. This clearly is illustrated by traffic diverting to other West/East routes to avoid Arundel etc such as the A259, A29, A283 etc. But more importantly, although unsubstantiated until HE releases the figures, 18% of traffic re-routing on to the A3M.
Whatever the ins and outs of the Arundel controversy one thing is clear, traffic is going to increase unless we get smarter on mobility. For sure if we don’t Arundel will be gridlocked even with a dual three lane Superhighway through the protected Sussex countryside.