Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Binsted Gets Ugly.

News that the Arundel bypass plans might involve road building through ancient woodland and quintessential English villages has come to the attention of European Anarchists.
Under the heading ‘Acorn Info’ France based e-magazine The Acorn picks up on the 2003 occupation of Binsted Wood by environmental protectors who setup camp there, and was reportedly partly responsible for the then bypass scheme being cancelled.
Well folks the word anyway is there’s a good chance that the scheme for Worthing will be thrown out, and if any scheme at Arundel or Chichester is successful, all that extra traffic coming off the M27 will have nowhere to go. So what’s going to happen? Oh yes rat-running through every nook and cranny.
However let’s look on the bright side of things.
Both WSCC and WBC in their draft response to the Highways England ‘Option’ for Worthing have highlighted the need for a ‘Holistic’ approach to the problems of the A27 and not just work up a plan for each section on its own. The idea is to look at the full length of the Chichester – Shoreham corridor then decide what is best. (Now when did we first say that – 1987?).
Mind you after hearing (5 September) at a meeting organised by a residents’ association that both local MP’s have gone to Government for more money to build flyovers instead of traffic signals at junctions, anything could happen.
As usual though we stick to our guns and repeat the best thing for everyone to do is throw out all A27 options.  Perhaps then transport planners’ and MP’s will wake up to the fact that roads on their own will never solve congestion – only waste hard earned taxpayer pounds.
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