Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I’m sure it must be clear to our friends in Chichester, that traffic and the pollution it causes can only get worse if major roads works in Arundel, Worthing and elsewhere along the A27 are approved. Such a decision will result in traffic presently suppressed due to congestion will without any doubt be unleashed back onto the road.
Of course any style of road north of the City to cope with such an event is out of the question, but so is anything that increases traffic on the present southern ring road. Residents living close to it are already suffering dangerous levels of pollution and they must come first.
Some commentators have now suggested that the A27 is not fit for purpose, we tend to agree but what is the future for it?
If it is going to be a high speed, high capacity expressway from Folkstone (channel tunnel) to Honiton then towns, villages and yes the City of Chichester will be scarred for ever. Is that what we want or do we want a serious plan to deter any increase in traffic along the South coast by rejecting any plan to Widen, Dual or any other scam to destroy Sussex.